The only table cover designed to provide a tailored, secure fit for your folding tables.

There's a saying about America — tough economic times create some of the best ideas and inspire an entrepreneurial spirit that is the foundation of who we are as a country. If a product is good enough, it will find its niche in this rough and tumble market — items that are new, useful, priced right, and true problem solvers will find their audience.

Tablevogue might be the poster child for a successful product launch in a troubled economy. At a time when more people are deciding to entertain at home and do more with less — better utilizing what they already have - tablevogue's relevance fits the bill.

"Mompreneur" Jane Birdwell was one of those people embracing the new challenges of a down economy and needed an "on-the-fly" entertaining solution — an attractive, full-coverage tablecloth that would disguise the utilitarian folding tables she pulled out of the garage every time she had company. Unable to find this item anywhere, an idea was born — and she started building upon it.

"I just couldn't believe no one offered an elegant, affordable way to cover those hard-working folding tables that we all have. My choices were plastic or short cloths that left the ugly legs exposed — or renting one every time I needed it. Who has the time or money for that? So I decided I'd make my own," Birdwell said. Within one year tablevogue's design was granted a patent - securing tablevogue's authority to take folding tables from functional to fabulous.

As a result, Birdwell has created a savvy, stylish holiday entertaining solution and the ultimate companion for everyone's go-to folding tables. Tablevogue is an attractive, durable, full-length cover that provides a secure, tailored, to the floor fit for 34" folding card tables and 6' or 8' folding tables (with additional sizes in development). Perfect for extra guest seating, a make-shift bar, an elegant buffet table — you name it, tablevogue has "in the know" hosts everywhere, and their tables, covered this season.